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The Report

The Resilience Report provides a measure of an individual’s competence and adversities, or in other words, what they have going for them and what is working against them.

View scores and results.

Each question in our surveys relates to a specific assessment. The report shows the scores resulting from those surveys broken down into each element.

The Competence and Adversities columns highlight potential difficulties the individual may have, and the Resources column shows the strengths available to them.

Problems are highlighted at a glance.

The report holds a great deal of information and we have added in simple markers to highlight any element that requires attention. These assessments are made using a scoring scale provided by our validated measures. The red and yellow markers in the graph, and in the first column on each snapshot, highlight and allow you to track problem areas.

See changes over time.

The report works best when there are multiple snapshots taken over regular intervals. The ideal amount of time between each snapshot will vary for each individual but as a starting point we suggest once every 6 months.

Problems are highlighted at a glance.

Once ‘The Resilience Doughnut’ has determined the top three strength factors, we provide an opportunity for the individual to enter some text. We ask them what is good about that factor, why they think it is strong and what they could do to make it even stronger.

These comments has proven to be acutely valuable, acting as a resilience diary for the individual, and giving group managers specific and unique information.

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