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What is Resilience?

Resilience is a process of developing competence by navigating with resources while facing adversity.

Why is Resilience important?

People who have happy and fulfilling lives have positive life skills that help them grow through life’s inevitable challenges, rather than being damaged by them.

What is the Resilience Report?

Provides a snapshot of an individual’s competence and resources needed to face their current adversity. The snapshot gives information to guide intervention and support.


The Resilience report uses three psychometrically validated measures to assist each person to take a snapshot of their own resilience.

What is a ‘snapshot’?

A ‘snapshot’ is a measure of resilience.

Each snapshot will help individuals identify these key elements:





Using the Resilience Doughnut to assess the strengths the user’s available resources.


Resilience Scales for adolescents and adults to measure their competence.


Strength & Difficulties questionnaire will track the effect of the adversities in their lives.

How is a snapshot taken?

An online Resilience Doughnut and two simple questionnaires.

It’s that simple. A snapshot of an individual’s resilience is taken when the user completes the online Resilience Doughnut and two simple questionnaires.

The Report

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Problems are highlighted at a glance

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