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Managing a Group of People

For use with schools and organizations

The Resilience Report enables your students or clients to score their own Resilience. Each student can log in to the website and access their own reports. They can return at any time to get a snapshot of their resilience or access their Resilience Report.

For use with group practices

The Resilience Report enables immediate feedback of the effectiveness of group programs, individual interventions and the effect of trauma and mental health on a persons resilience.

Access to a Group Resilience Report

The Resilience Report can give a group, class, year and/or school overview of each student’s resilience, highlighting any difficulties experienced so early intervention can be implemented using the Resilience Doughnut factors. An annual license is needed in order to access a whole school report, along with parental permission for selected teachers to access the student data.

The report can be on an individual, class, year, or whole school basis and alerts welfare and executive staff to students emotional, social, behavioural, and attention difficulties as well as their strengths in the Resilience Doughnut.

This valuable report is easy to use and presented with a one-page overview of the students allowing more detail to be accessed when highlighted. The report allows staff to identify the students quickly that will benefit the most from early intervention using a strengths approach. Furthermore, repeated use of the Resilience Report highlights the effectiveness of the interventions used to build student resilience, and can be used to justify the use of such interventions.

It is recommended that selected school staff be trained in the use of the Resilience Doughnut to enable the effective interventions in building each individual student’s resilience during transitions and times of stress. www.theresiliencedoughnut.com.au

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